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We love the future. And we love technology.

We work to improve it. We work from the heart.

Here we love people, innovation, evolution and collaboration. Here we love people like you. Committed to technology.

Committed to the future. A future from the heart

Digital Lover 1.jpg

Who hasn’t felt like they were flying
through the clouds?

Digital Lover 2.jpg

Who hasn’t fallen

in love?

Digital Lover 3_edited.jpg

Who hasn't felt

butterflies in their stomach?

This is how our “Digital Lovers” are.
With huge hearts,  flying above the clouds and feeling butterflies.

But, DIGITAL: hearts, butterflies and clouds!

The Digital Lovers text.jpg

is to belong to a “super set” generation.
Super set in technology, in the latest, in what is coming and

what is yet to come..
In the latest program, the latest chip or the best state-of-the-art home automation device..

It is a social


It is a feeling and a way of


something that makes

 you move

Whatever you do, you carry it so deep inside that it is part of your DNA..

Welcome to the world of “Digital Lovers”.
A world that unites technology and love.
Two ideas that when mixed, have no end.
At NTT DATA we are “Digital Lovers”.
Join US!

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